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Feeding your dog raw food

There is much debate over whether feeding your dog raw food is good or bad for the dog. The article is unbiased and aims to provide some facts to begin your research.

Feeding your dog raw food

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There are two definitive camps regarding raw feeding to dogs. There are those who believe a natural diet has been the staple of dogs for thousands of years and that a modern diet of processed foods do not provide a full nutritional balance. This bad balance is due to the destruction of nutrients during the preparation stage and high volume of grain used. Other dog owners however believe that there is a health risk to dogs and to their human counterpart of feeding raw food. No scientific research has proven that a raw dog food diet has any benefit to the dog, although that argument is controversial in itself as it is believed much of the research has been funded by dog food companies.

Feeding raw food to your dog

There are two approaches raw feeders take; some feed only 100% raw food to their dogs whilst others use raw food to make up for the lack of meat in a processed food diet.

Many people begin to feed their dogs raw food with bones, typically with around 50% meat on them. There are the obvious choke hazards with feeding bones to your dog so whole chunks of meat may be a preferable substitute or only feed the bones in your presence. This style of raw food diet is known as the BARF diet. BARF is an acronym for ‘Bones And Raw Food’ or ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ depending on who you talk to.

On a BARF diet you would feed the dog various sources of meat, after all before domestication dogs would kill an animal in packs and devour the whole animal until only the skeleton remains. A typical BARF diet may contain chicken breast, chicken legs, wings, oxtail, heart, liver, mince meat and eggs. Alongside the meat you should also feed vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds blended up.

You should also consider how the meat was sourced, is there any point feeding your dog raw meat that has been raised in a factory, taking the natural element away from the food? Not to mention the animal welfare point of view.

Advantages of feeding raw food to dogs

I have not fed my own dogs on a raw food diet so these advantages and disadvantages are not from my own experience rather information I have gathered speaking to people who do feed a raw food diet.

Disadvantages of feeding raw food to dogs

This article is just a starting point regarding feeding your dog raw food. Personally I can understand why people choose to feed a raw food diet but also why others choose not to. Do you feed a raw food diet or are you against a raw food diet, let us know with a comment below.

6 Responses to “Feeding your dog raw food”

  1. Dennis says:

    We had a boxer dog back in the 60’s and my brother was a butcher so she was fed almost exclusively on raw meat, bones and dog biscuits plus a bonio when my Mum had her elevenses. (and when I worked for my brother at weekends I ensured that the dog had some really good stuff!).

    She seemed very healthy and lived to about 13 years.

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  3. steve says:

    No there are no bones in there ingredients
    Meat Min 32%, Peas 15%, Carrots 15%, Swede 15%, Brown Rice 15%, Dried Apple 5%, Salmon Oil 1%

  4. Claire says:

    Feeding raw meat is something I have always wanted to try but could never bring myself to give to my dogs. The threat of disease from the raw meat has always put me off but I guess dogs have eaten raw meat for thousands of years before we brought them into our houses.

    Still not sure I can give it to them though lol

    • steve says:

      I get my raw dog food from Animal Antics in Ormskirk its called Natures menu which is a mix of raw meat and vegetables and comes frozen, you just defrost and feed, my older dog Bruce suffered badly from arthiritis before feeding raw but now is like a spring chicken and loves it. here is a link to product if you want to copy and paste and have a look, http://www.pet-shopper.co.uk/products/search?query=natures+menu
      The food does not smell like it does when bought from butchers as it is frozen shortly after instead of lying around a store not frozen.
      I was talking to a guy who spent years studying wolves in the wild and he said there was not one case of a wolve having ailments such as cancer or diabetes makes you think does’nt it?.
      I also try to eat as much raw food myself, i no longer eat meat and try to eat about 80% raw fruit,nuts and veg (15 years now)and feel great on it. Although im a vegetarian i realise my dogs are not but do love vegetables natures menu gives a good mix of both meat and vegetables and i do not think i could get them to eat processed food now.
      Hope this is of some use in your decision.

    • Play Fetch says:

      Thanks for your comment Steve, maybe packaging the raw meat like that will alleviate the issues with how raw meat looks. I hate the sight of raw meat especially on a bone. Also I presume that there are no bones in the food so that will also prevent choking on a bone fragment.

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