Jul 28

Giant Hogweed plant and your dog

Thank you for visiting the Play Fetch website. The site highlights on the joy that dogs can bring to your life, but many dogs aren`t fortunate enough to have a loving family. We are working with rehoming centres across the country to help them home our furry friends, please bookmark this website and come back soon to view the dogs that need you to give them the great life they deserve.

Giant Hogweed has been commanding some media headlines over the last few weeks, if you didn’t know Giant Hogweed is a close relative of Cow Parsley (you may know it as one or the other depending on where you come from) and is identified by it’s thick bristly stem and white upward facing flowers. Giant Hogweed can grow up to 10ft (3m) high which makes it easy to spot.

The reason it has gained media focus is down to its sap which can cause severe skin burns if exposed to sunlight shortly after exposure.

Find out how to spot Giant Hogweed and what to do if you come into contact with it

Jul 20

Play Fetch dog blog update

After a spell of downtime, the Play Fetch Dog Blog is back up and running with some fantastic articles planned, guest authors and an all new 'Ask the vet' section.

Play Fetch dog blog update

Life has been pretty manic over the last few years, work has been busier than I could have ever imagined (which is great as I run my own business as web designers and developers), our beautiful daughter was born and we hame moved home to a wonderful part of Derbyshire.

Unfortunately my available time for Play Fetch drastically reduced, the website still enjoys a heck of a lot of hits but the content has grown a little old and sponsorship requests has reduced meaning I have not managed to earn as much money for worthy dog charities as I hoped.

Things are soon to change however as my life now is becoming pretty settled and I have a great team behind me with my business, taking the strain from me to spend more time on my family and of course the Play Fetch dog blog.

I have lots of great posts in the pipeline, starting with a new edition of the ever popular Where’s Molly. For those of you thinking that this sounds like a blatant Where’s Wally rip off, you’d be right. I take a photo of Molly blending in to her surroundings (the German Shepherd coat makes this quite an easy task for her) and you have to find her in the picture. It’s just for fun and Molly enjoys it too.

My local vet Jason Davidson has kindly agreed to host an ‘Ask the vet’ section on the website. Jason is highly respected and has performed wonders on Molly, Toby and our cat Jasper over the years. The Ask the vet section is very exciting, if you have any questions for the vet please fire them over via the contact page.

Jul 20

Where’s Molly

It isn’t easy in the heat when you have a thick undercoat like Molly, all of our dog walks involve a shaded rest, a dip in a lake or stream and a lavishing of fuss.

Can you find my dog in this picture, to zoom in a little make sure you are on the post page and hover your mouse over the image.

Wheres Molly the dog in Fritchley

Did you find her? Click here for the answer

If you enjoyed finding Molly, have another go with another picture in the Where’s Molly section.

Oct 22

Helping your dog through fireworks season

Most dogs don't like loud noises with fireworks being the loudest of them all. Here are some remedies to help get your dog through fireworks season.

Helping your dog through fireworks season

Fireworks season is one of the most stressful times for your dog. Bonfire night no longer exists with people releasing fireworks for several weeks before and after November 5th. There are lots of remedies out there, from simple training techniques to dedicated dog products to an array of medication. But which is right for your dog?

Continue reading helping your dog through fireworks season

Oct 12

Taking your dog on holiday

Dogs need a holiday too, I have never known a dog that doesn't adore the beach, going into the sea is another matter though haha. Here are some handy hints for taking your dog with you on holiday.

Taking your dog on holiday

From Paris Hilton’s tiny Tinkerbell to Ryan Gosling’s much-loved George (who has been his best bud for over 12 years), it seems like most celebrities aren’t ready to leave the house unless they have their adorable pooches by their sides. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these lovable beasts are our best friends and it’s tough to leave them behind when we go away.

However, there’s no need to miss your four-legged friend when you go on holiday – there are many options for them to travel with you too so there’s no real need for you to ever be apart. If you’re thinking of taking your precious pup away with you, you need to make sure they’re safe, comfortable and cared for, so here’s our guide to a happy holiday with your hound. Tips for taking your dog on holiday

Apr 26

Best iphone, ipad and android apps for dogs and their owners

Dog apps are popping up everywhere, from providing sounds to calm your dog if they make noise to tracking their whereabouts using a GPS collar, chances are you will soon have a dog app on your iphone or ipad.

Best iphone, ipad and android apps for dogs and their owners

I expected this post to list some pretty silly apps and it doesn’t disappoint but there are also some very useful apps for your dog too. One will track medications, worming, flea treatments and remind you at key times.

Best iphone, ipad and android apps for dogs and their owners

Feb 14

Does your dog affect your social life?

Does your dog smell or does owning a dog put off friends from visiting your house? A new survey has found that 27% of dog owners lose friends because of their dogs.

Does your dog affect your social life?

My dogs go almost everywhere with me, if it is possible to take them with me I shall and if I can’t take them I tend to be as quick as possible so I don’t leave them alone too long. Most dog owners are the same so it was interesting to read about a survey all about dogs and socialising.

The survey found that over two thirds of people (65%) believe dogs to be smelly and unhygienic. Admittedly most of these were non dog owners but even 24% of dog owners thought their dogs were smelly.

Results from a recent dog owner survey

Jan 31

Most popular dog names 2012

We all spend lots of time calling our dogs, especially in public so choosing the right name is essential. Dog names are more often mirroring human names, either to follow our favourite celebrities or giving them a human name makes them more part of the family.

Most popular dog names 2012

Bella is once again the most popular female dog name, mostly down to the hugely popular Twilight books and films main character. The first book came out in late 2005 and since 2006 Bella has been the most popular female dog name. Classic dog names such as Spot, Buster, Bruno, Digger etc have all dropped out of the top 10 being replaced by human style names.

View the most popular dog names 2012

Jan 11

Where’s Molly 110113

Molly’s leg is healing very well following her cruciate ligament operation, so much that today we managed to get out into the woods. The abundance of leaves on the ground made it perfect fodder for a Where’s Molly, she blends into the scenery perfectly.
View the image and find Molly the dog

Nov 23

New dog laws for attacks on postal workers?

Up until a few weeks ago I thought dog attacks on postal workers (meaning not just the Royal Mail but other delivery folks from parcel delivery to supermarket delivery) were isolated and meant as humour in comics.

New dog laws for attacks on postal workers?

Just the other week a courier came to the front door to deliver a parcel, as usual my dog Molly is first to welcome any visitor with a friendly smile and wag of her tail, but the delivery guy jumped back and insisted I restrain Molly. I told him that Molly is very gentle and in no way would harm him, indeed at this time she was sniffing the neighbours cat who was standing on my driveway.

The courier told me that he gets bitten about once a week and this was his first shift from a lengthy absence following a nasty dog bite, at which point he showed me a huge scar on his hand where a ‘friendly’ dog bit him. I was shocked, maybe I have been living in my happy little dog owner bubble but I really wasn’t aware of the dangers in mail delivery. The courier then rolled up his trouser legs to show his legs littered with scars from bites and claw scratches. Find out more on dog laws and postal workers