Jan 26

Dog gadgets every dog owner should have

Dog gadgets, some are brilliant ideas, some are just plain wacky. Take a look at some of the dog gadgets we found and make your own mind up.

Dog gadgets every dog owner should have

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I love my dogs, I love my gadgets, luckily there are lots of other people who also love their dogs and gadgets. We have searched far and wide for the best dog gadgets we could find.

Here is a list of some of the better dog gadgets I found, if you want to buy any of the gadgets please buy via the link in the header or in the more link. Any purchases to Amazon via this website gives 5% of the price to a worthy dog cause.

Dog hamster wheelHamster wheel for dogs

Yes you read the title correctly! We have all seen a hamster running in their wheel, until now dogs that don`t get out much had to make do with a treadmill, but GoPet have made a dog sized hamster wheel! I honestly don`t know what to say on this one, take a look for yourself and leave a comment below.

Pet peek dog windowPet Peek

How can you not love this, pet peek is a dome shaped window to allow your dog to peek beyond the fence. The pet peek would be especially useful for terriers who simply have to know what your neighbour is doing on the other side of the fence!

Click here to go to the Pet Peek website

Dog ball throwerDog ball thrower

This is so simple but pure genius. We have probably all owned one of these or at least seen someone with one. Can`t throw a ball? No worries with the ball thrower. Can`t bend down to pick up the ball? This picks the ball up off the ground for you. Just pick up the ball, flick your wrist and watch you dog chase down that ball.

Get a dog ball thrower from Amazon

Dyson Dog Groom BrushDyson Dog Groom Brush

Those geniuses at Dyson are at it again, this dog brush attaches to your Dyson Vacuum allowing you to remove dog hairs quickly and easily. The videos make this product look like an essential dog gadget for owners of dogs with coats that shed, the only proviso is that your dog isn`t afraid of the vacuum.

Head over to the Dyson website for this one

Dog dumbellsDog lead dumbells

Fancy having a workout whilst walking your dog? The dog walker dumbells are basically a heavy retractable lead and a dumbell for the other hand. This one is a perfect example of ‘not all dog gadgets are good ideas’.

Dog water fountainDog water fountain

When you are thirsty, find a water fountain, press a button and out spurts water. Why can`t your dog have their own water fountain? They press on the plate and up pops a plume of water. The dog water fountain connects to the garden hose supplying constant fresh water when your dog is thirsty (and outside). Now all you have to do is train your dog to use it!

Here’s where I found the dog water fountain

Dog GPS trackerDog GPS transmitter

It has taken way too long for these to hit the mass market. A dog GPS transmitter is a dog collar with a a GPS system that will show you exactly where your dog is at a given time. Your dog will never get lost or ever go missing again. The Garmin GPS transmitter requires a Garmin Astro 220 receiver so the whole kit can get pretty expensive but this is by far the best one of its kind I have seen to date. There are other cheaper systems that work via an SMS text message but these require a sim card, mobile phone tariff and are pretty slow. By the time you receive the location of your dog he can be quite a way away. There are some even cheaper systems that provide a forwards, backwards, left right direction to your dog with a limited radius.

Buy the dog GPS transmitter at Amazon and donate a portion to a worthy dog cause

dog showerDog shower cubicle

Dogs come back from a walk absolutely filthy, their belly is black, paws covered with mud and they are all too happy to share this mud with your house. In summer I just get the hosepipe out but I would never use it in winter as the water is just too cold. carrying the dog to the shower always leaves a trail of dirt so up steps the dog shower cubicle. When I first saw this I thought it was an April fool still hanging around on a website but no, this is real. I think whilst the idea is there the implementation needs a little work.

Get your own dog shower cubicle

dog speakersDog speakers

Dogs have more sensitive ears than us and the highs and lows of modern music can upset many dogs. Pet Acoustics have come up with a speakers system that reduces these extremities to produce a sound that is acceptable to dogs. The speakers can play sounds from most players including ipod and iphone. The company behind the speakers have also developed an iphone app that plays music speficically designed to calm your dog.

Dog gadgets - hammockDog car cradle

Basically just a picnic blanket with straps to attach to your car, but it looks nice and comfortable for the dog and is a pretty good idea.

The dog car cradle is on Amazon

dog webcamDog monitoring camera

This just seems to be a webcam to me but the selling point behind the Softbank camera is that you can control it via your mobile phone making it truly portable. I’m still not sure, you can hook up your webcam to a free streaming service such as justin.tv and watch you dog on your mobile. That is what I do when I am not at home, although it isn`t exactly riveting viewing watching them sleep!

dog poo fertiliserTurn your dog poo into fertiliser

Canadian Lawrence Green has developed a system that turns your dog poo into plant fertiliser. You are supposed to add an accelerant to water then gradually add the dog poo (!). You leave this in the container for a week then bury it in your garden for two weeks after which you are presented with nutrient rich soil. It apparently works but I think he will need to rethink the method a little before it is adopted on mass.

dog umbrellaDog umbrella

Does your dog not like going out in the rain? Mine either so how about a dog umbrella? Nah I thought not. It all just looks a little cumbersome, just put a dog coat on your pooch I think.

If you want one, here’s the link to a dog umbrella.

Do you think any of the above are good ideas? Would you buy any of them? Having a terrier I am particularly glad the dog GPS transmitters are finally becoming affordable and of a reasonable size. I have a personal GPS transmitter I take on my dog walks to record where I have been that is much smaller still, so this technology in a year or so should be even better

18 Responses to “Dog gadgets every dog owner should have”

  1. Ann says:

    Wow, what gadgets, yes the Dyson dog brush looks great; the hamster wheel for dogs, are they Barking Mad?
    Just thought you followers might like a look at http://www.barkingmadclothing.co.uk practical dog coats and bedding

  2. Large dog breeds says:

    I just love the idea of a hamster wheel for dogs but it would have to be pretty big for our Rhodesian Ridgebacks to fit in :-)

  3. dog collar says:

    hamster wheel!! lolol that’s hilarious, no way would my dog go in there!!! Would turn into the dog equivalent of those revolving doors, he’d be going round & round forever!

  4. Maddie X says:

    Ooh the gps thingie looks good, my Scottie is forever disappearing into a field. So much so that I daren’t let him off for fear of being out for hours looking for him. I need a gps to let me know where he is, maybe my OH will buy me one for Christmas :)

  5. Lexie72 says:

    My OH asked me to start looking around what I want for Christmas, the gps tracker and peek window are now on there, not sure if he would be too happy cutting a hole in his garden fence though but he did ask what I wanted lol

  6. xxSammiexx says:

    I have seen dog treadmills before but never s dog hamster wheel lol

    The gps looks good, I live in a farm and my black lab is always on walk abouts so it would be good to know where he is.

  7. Helen says:

    I am glad to see that the gps transmitters are getting smaller, just wish the price would reduce too. I can`t find any reviews of it on the internet, has anyone used it and have any experiences? It is a lot of money to buy the collor and the gps if it doesn`t work.

  8. Deb says:

    I need a gps collar for my terrier…but that one is too big! It will make life sooooo much easier!

  9. Fruity says:

    I love the idea of a window in the gate for my dog. I have a walled yard and he can only hear that somebody is passing by, it would be so much better for him if he could see too. Does anyone know where I can get a Pet Peek in the UK? Thanks.

  10. xxTrixyxx says:

    I love the GPS transmitter it would be great for knowing where my dog has got up to. We live on a farm and he is able to wander wherever including into the neighbours houses! It is a bit expensive though how well would something like that work it is a lot of money to spend on something if it doesnt work

  11. Simon Longsdon says:

    I could do with a shower cubicle in this weather at the moment, my pack are coming back filthy and it is taking an age to clean them.

    • Play Fetch says:

      I know exactly what you mean, it is pouring down outside at the moment even the dogs don`t want to go out in this weather but when we do they will come back black.

      I am trying to make the most of it and incorporate a walk past the frog ponds, in this weather there will be lots out. Last year I was lucky enough to watch a spawn.

  12. Louise says:

    Love the dyson dog grooming attachment!! I just use the small hoover attachment! Works just as well

  13. Angie says:

    We use the car cradle and can reAlly recommend it. It helps stop dog hairs getting all over the back seat and looks really cosy if you put a few doggy blankets in there to. Can also be bought at Wilkinsons.

  14. Slave to ginny says:

    Oooh the Dyson dog brush looks great, a bit expensive though but then again everything from Dyson is expensive. I tyhink if I put the dog umbrella on Ginny she would give me the look of death lol

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