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Dog ownership – the good and bad

Dogs bring some of our happiest moments, but also some of our lowest. Sharing your life with a dog compliments us in many ways, but also is a lot of work.

Dog ownership – the good and bad

Thank you for visiting the Play Fetch website. The site highlights on the joy that dogs can bring to your life, but many dogs aren`t fortunate enough to have a loving family. We are working with rehoming centres across the country to help them home our furry friends, please bookmark this website and come back soon to view the dogs that need you to give them the great life they deserve.

I have shared almost my entire life with dogs, from a family pet growing up as a child to best buddy when I first moved away right upto the present, where my beloved Molly shares almost every moment with me. We are a great advert for dog ownership, we seem to understand each other, Molly is calm but excitable, lethargic but energetic. But owning a dog wasn`t always this easy and won`t always be this easy.

I have compiled a list of what I have experienced as the good and bad points of dog ownership, take a look and add your own in the comments field at the bottom of the post.

Good points of dog ownership

Dogs love and adore you no matter what
You can never be bored, dogs provide great entertinment and enjoyment
Dog walks get you out into the fresh air and provide great exercise
Dog walks can also take you out at amazing unseen parts of the day. A spring morning dawn chorus is one of lifes wonders
Be adverturous with dog walks and see places you wouldn’t otherwise see
Nothing compares to a dog welcome!
On a low day a dog will bring comfort. It is clinicaly proven that stroking a dog reduces tension
Research has shown dog owners can live longer than non dog owners

Bad points of dog ownership

Easily the biggest low of dog ownership is that they will inevitably die
Dogs get illnesses and injuries just like us
You can`t converse with your dog – not being able to easily ask how they are can be infuriating
Cost – a good diet will cost upwards of £15 each month for a medium sized dog. Vets bills are notoriously expensive so you may want to insure your dog, this costs around £10 a month depending on breed and age
Picking up dog poo – all dog owners should pick up after their dogs. It aint pleasant but it is quick and easy.

That’s my list, what are your good and bad points of owning your dog? Share them witha  comment below.

11 Responses to “Dog ownership – the good and bad”

  1. lolly says:

    Good things

    Cheats u up

    Bad things
    Bites visters
    Pop +wee
    food + water + treats
    Eats things it shouldn’t
    Not trained
    Loud at night
    Runs away
    Sleeps in your bed

    Thistiok me ages so please use it it took me nearly 20 minuutes so please read don’t just skip to.here

  2. Mary says:

    Hi~ I have a huge concern these days. My dad wants to give away my dog, because it poops and pees all over the place. And, it’s actually getting really serious. My dog is only one years old, and my dad (personally) isn’t a great fan of dogs. He tells me that he likes cockroaches more than dogs. Sigh… When he told me today about how he and my mom were thinking of giving her away to someone else, because she pees and poos to much, and also because after a couple years, I would be going to college in America, so I would have to move, leaving my dog alone with no one to look for (they say that they can’t look after her), and also because they say that it’s going to be too sad and heartbreaking for me to go through her death, when she gets old. So, I’m really worried. I know I should start potty-training her, and I will, as well as walk her more often, but, I don’t think, I’ll be able to change their minds…. What should I do? Any suggestions? Please help~

  3. planetbowwow says:

    best bit – he is always there for you no matter what, when you feeling really really down, when no one else is. Worse bit, when he rolls in rancid fish!

  4. Joey says:

    Best point – When he farts, sniffs his ass and the look of confusion on his face that follows.

    Worst Point – When he occasionally goes missing.

  5. Susanna says:

    Good: a constant cuddle that never tires
    Bad: when they’re favourite past time is rolling in fox poo/dead animals……. Seriously like a smell you’ve NEVER encountered!!!

  6. David says:

    You can`t beat pulling up at home to see your dog jump up at the window, a slight body wobble as the car pulls up. As I get out of the car the shake escalates into a fandango!

    The worst part is not being able to talk to them when they get ill or don`t seem themselves.

  7. Sally J says:

    Best: seeing her happy makes all the bad times worthwhile
    Worst: when I have to say goodbye to her, hopefully that won`t be for quite a while though :)

  8. Mablesmum says:

    Good: The cuddles on cold winter nights
    Bad: Picking up poo

  9. Johnston says:

    I lost my dog almost a year ago and have missed him like mad. The best part for me is without doubt the companionship they give you, the worst is the huge hole they leave behind.

    • Play Fetch says:

      You will know when the time is right to get yourself another dog. We are working hard to get the dog rehoming section of the site up and running as soon as possible 😀

  10. Sarah B says:

    The look on my dogs face when he went trotting off with a big stick he just found on his walk was priceless. Its moments like that I have a dog.

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