Feb 25

China dog ban in Shanghai

China have a announced a new ruling that limits one dog per household, similar to the one child ruling.

China dog ban in Shanghai

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Shanghai is the latest city in China to introduce new laws on the ownership of dogs. Each household is to be allowed only one dog. But the ruling doesn`t stop there, Dogs larger than 3ft will be banned from the city centre, along with certain dog breeds. More on the dog ban in Shanghai China

Feb 22

Dogs staring out of car windows photos

Photographer Martin Usborne's series of photographs captures the emotive faces of dogs waiting in their owners cars.

Dogs staring out of car windows photos

I try to take my dogs everywhere with me; when I visit friends and family or even a quick trip to the local supermarket my dogs are there. Sometimes I have to leave them in the car though for a short while and often wonder what they do whilst I am gone. Photographer Martin Usborne had the same thought so took a series of photographs depicting dogs and their emotions whilst waiting for their owner. View the photographs of dogs waiting in their car...

Feb 10

Dog CPR – save your dogs life

Many of us know how to perform CPR on a person, but could you perform CPR on your dog? Here we run through the dog CPR basics, I hope you never have to use it but it is great to know.

Dog CPR – save your dogs life

Whilst this article will describe CPR in dogs, where possible prevention is better than cure. Be wary of what your dog chews or where he/she plays for example. Lets get on with dog CPR; Learn dog CPR...

Feb 02

Cheryl Cole top dog for pet names

Cheryl Cole has been voted most popular celebrity dog name folliwing a poll conducted by National Geographic.

Cheryl Cole top dog for pet names

Not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but Cheryl Cole has been named the top celebrity people want to name their dogs after. She heads the top 5 female celebrity dog names, hot on her tail is Posh, Lady Gaga, Grace Kelly and Beyonce. Find out what other celeb dog names came out top dog...

Jan 29

Where’s Molly 110128

I’m not sure whether my dog Molly didn`t want to walk any further or whether she felt the website needed another Where’s Molly but she refused to budge. Can you find my stubborn dog in the picture? Find my dog Molly in the picture...

Jan 26

Dog gadgets every dog owner should have

Dog gadgets, some are brilliant ideas, some are just plain wacky. Take a look at some of the dog gadgets we found and make your own mind up.

Dog gadgets every dog owner should have

I love my dogs, I love my gadgets, luckily there are lots of other people who also love their dogs and gadgets. We have searched far and wide for the best dog gadgets we could find.

Clever dog gadgets, take a look...

Jan 23

Where’s Molly 110123

We were out walking yesterday and Molly wanted to hide. I quickly turned around and shot this pic. It is a hard one this time, can you find Molly? Find Molly along this path in the woods...

Jan 20

Dog laws in the UK

There are several acts in force that cover dogs and their owners, some dog laws are there to protect all involved but some are just plain stupid. Here's what we managed to find out involving dogs and the law.

Dog laws in the UK

Dog laws in the UK date back to the 19th century but there are also more recent laws involving your dog we should all be aware of.

The most notable of these dog laws is the ‘Animal Welfare Act of 2007′ aimed at providing protection of animals. Previous acts were more concerned with laws protecting humans, but we will come to those a little later.

More on dog laws in the UK...

Jan 13

Where’s Molly 110113

This image was takin in spring last year, I was enjoying the bluebells when the rustle of Mollys feet stopped beside me. She had stopped to admire a bee, can you spot her? Where is Molly in this path in the woods?

Jan 10

Winter survival tips for dogs

It is another relentless long cold winter, despite carrying around their thick jackets year round dogs still need looking after. Here are some tips to keep your dog happy and healthy over winter.

Winter survival tips for dogs

You would be forgiven for thinking that dogs are ideally suited for cold conditions. Summer long they struggle with the heat, many breeds have a lovely warm thick coat of hair that traps the heat. Whilst this is true, there are still many things we can do to help our dogs through winter. Keep your dog healthy in winter...