May 24

German Shepherd time lapse from puppy to adult

I love time lapse photography so imagine how happy I was to find a dog based time lapse showing a German Shepherd grow from puppy to adult.

German Shepherd time lapse from puppy to adult

Thank you for visiting the Play Fetch website. The site highlights on the joy that dogs can bring to your life, but many dogs aren`t fortunate enough to have a loving family. We are working with rehoming centres across the country to help them home our furry friends, please bookmark this website and come back soon to view the dogs that need you to give them the great life they deserve.

I wish I would have done this when my own dogs were growing up, the video is a compilation of images taken over a one year period strung together to create a video of German Shepherd dog Dunder growing up. View the time lapse

May 13

Talking dog funny video

I love this talking dog currently doing the rounds on youtube, it is so funny because we know that is exactly what our dog is thinking.

Talking dog funny video

Hopefully this video of a talking dog will start a meme and soon we will be flooded with funny videos of their dog talking. Watch the talking dog video

May 09

Where’s Molly 110509

It was a lovely spring day in Derbyshire with the bluebells in full bloom. We went into the woods to duck out of the sun for a while and have a splash in the stream when Molly decided it was time for another Where’s Molly. Can you find my dog Molly in the picture? Find my dog Molly admiring the bluebells

May 03

Dog commandments

Several friends over the last few weeks have sent me an image of 10 dog commandments, it catches superbly what goes through a dogs mind and is a great set of rules to live by.

Dog commandments

I love my dog, we share almost everything together but every now and again I probably get it wrong. The 10 dog commandments, if followed should lead to a great relationship between you and your dog. Since I have had this I have probably looked at it every day, so thought I would share it here.

View the 10 dog commandments

Apr 28

Thank you dogs

I am loving the new advert from Winalot recently where dog owners thank their dogs for well, just being themselves.

Thank you dogs

For those of you that haven`t seen it, the ad shows several scenes of owners with their dogs just going about their normal lives.

What am I going on about, read more

Apr 26

Where’s Molly 110426

The recent heat means our dog walks are mostly in the shade with plenty of water stops. This dog walk was in Shipley Country Park, Molly had just been paddling in the stream by the cricket ground. Can you find my dog Molly in the picture? Find my dog Molly straggling behind on the walk

Apr 20

Going on holiday with your dog

The weather is improving as spring is finally here and many of us are loking forwards to going on holiday. In this post I hope to give you some advice on taking your dog with you on holiday from how to take your dog on a long journey to getting a pet passport.

Going on holiday with your dog

There are some vital points to consider when taking your dog on holiday, length of the journey and temperature at your destination are key considerations. This post will look at holidays abroad with your dog and same country holidays. The information on taking your dog abroad is mostly relevant to UK residents although there is useful information regardless of where you live.

Taking your dog on holiday abroad

Taking your dog abroad with you has been made much simpler with the introduction of the Pet Passport Scheme. Your dog will have its own passport but will need to go through various procedures to get this including a rabies vaccination. You can`t travel to all EU countries with the pet passport, but the easily accessible countries are compliant including France. Any much further afield and you should consider the affect the long journey will have on your dog. For more information on the Pet Passport Scheme, visit The most important point to note is that you cannot return to the UK within six months of the blood sample (test that the rabies vaccination was successful) being taken. Because of this the whole pet passport process should be initiated a minimum 7 months prior to your expected return.

European countries are usually much warmer than the UK, take into consideration whether your dog will cope well with the increased heat, especially during summer months. Most dogs coats will have grown to protect them from UK temperatures and will not be able to adapt quickly enough for a short holiday.

Beach laws in European countries are also more stringent than the UK, many beaches simply do not allow dogs. Would you be leaving your dog alone for periods of time? Will the area be air conditioned? Your dog should definitely not be left in a car, the temperature rises immediately even in the shade and can kill your dog in just a few short minutes.

Travelling with your dog

Many dogs become travel sick on long journeys. My own dog is fine with trips of up to an hour but over that she begins to pant heavily. There are plenty of products available over the counter and via prescription for dog anxiety and travel sickness. If you prefer to go natural, a product I hear recommended often is Scullcap & Valerian. Have a chat with your vet and provide as much information as possible so they can gauge what strength medication will be right for your dog. Does your dog become anxious immediately upon entering the vehicle or it is after a sustained period of time, does your dog pant, does your dog vomit are all questions your vet is likely to ask.

The remedy of car sickness may be even simpler, they may just need company. Try a journey sitting with your dog instead of putting them alone in the boot of the car for example. You could also bring a comfort blanket or a favourite toy (you might not want to take a squeaky toy in a confined space though) or a filled Kong.

plan your route with plenty of stops along the way. there should be plenty of toilet stops with fresh water available and the ability for a leg stretch. A five minute walk around the perimeter of a car park may be good enough for another hour of your journey. Remember though not to leave your dog in the car during stops, the break should be for them too and again remember the heat of the car can kill your dog.

Dog friendly accommodation

There are lots of dog friendly hotels, B&Bs and campsites across the country and abroad. A quick search will bring up specific websites dedicated to dog friendly accommodation for a variety of budgets.

Micro-chipping and tagging

Thousands of dogs go missing each year, especially in an area the dog is not familiar with. A dog tag with your telephone can reunite you with your dog, but if your dog is anything like my terrier those tags often get lost themselves, this is where micro-chipping is essential. Most vets and dog rescue have a microchip reader should your dog be found. If your dog is already micro-chipped make sure the details held on record are correct and up to date.

Sea safety and unfamiliar surroundings

Dogs love beaches and the sea but swimming in the sea can be very different to paddling in the local pond. The sea current can be hard for your dog, sudden differences in ground level and not to mention sea life. Last year my dog was having a leisurely swim in the sea off the east coast when a seal came over to say hi. Molly didn’t seem too phased by it but I had a mild panic, luckily the seal was an inquisitive soul and after a few minutes watching casually swam away.

If you are worried about your dog in the sea or are going to an area with particularly rough water, you may want to buy your dog a dog life vest. They help your dog stay afloat and visible giving you piece of mind.

Both you and your dog will also be in unfamiliar surroundings, you don`t know what is around the next corner, be particularly weary of hidden cliff faces. Dogs are lower to the ground and what looks like an endless field to a dog may have a very steep drop suddenly without warning. The south coast around Devon on especially bad for this.

Are there any other considerations you would like to add when taking your dog on holiday? Let us know using the comments field below, or on twitter or our facebook page.

Happy holidays!

Apr 02

Feeding your dog raw food

There is much debate over whether feeding your dog raw food is good or bad for the dog. The article is unbiased and aims to provide some facts to begin your research.

Feeding your dog raw food

There are two definitive camps regarding raw feeding to dogs. There are those who believe a natural diet has been the staple of dogs for thousands of years and that a modern diet of processed foods do not provide a full nutritional balance. This bad balance is due to the destruction of nutrients during the preparation stage and high volume of grain used. Other dog owners however believe that there is a health risk to dogs and to their human counterpart of feeding raw food. No scientific research has proven that a raw dog food diet has any benefit to the dog, although that argument is controversial in itself as it is believed much of the research has been funded by dog food companies. Read more about feedbing raw foods to your dog

Mar 08

Lets stop bad breeding in dogs, Crufts I’m looking at you

There are many reasons for and against breeding dogs, this article will try to avoid that argument but focus on the breeders who breed for show, often at the detriment of the health of the dog.

Lets stop bad breeding in dogs, Crufts I’m looking at you

There is a big debate over whether dog shows are good or bad and everyone will have their own opinion. In this article we look at the breeding of dogs for show, many breeders have moved towards ‘creating’ the perfect dog from an aesthetic point of view which often results in serious health issues. Read more about dog breeding and the Crufts dog show

Feb 28

Where’s Molly 110228

My dog molly loves a little patch of woodland about a 30 minute walk form my house. I don`t know why but she gets very excited as we approach and we have to spend at east 15 minutes rumaging around. Can you find my dog Molly in the picture? Find Molly the dog in the woods