Apr 01

Reverse sneezing in dogs

My dog Molly has suffered from this all of her life but until recently I never knew what was wrong. I took a video and showed to my vet who also wasn't sure. However thanks to youtube and a user called broddybounce I now know Molly suffers from reverse sneezing.

Reverse sneezing in dogs

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Reverse sneezing is when a dog inhales through the nose and to an onlooker is quite distressing, take a look at the video below of Molly reverse sneezing.
More about reverse sneezing

Jan 17

Amazing balancing dog

Dogs are amazing animals capable of incredible feats. You have probably seen dancing dogs, talking dogs, surfing dogs, skiing dogs, dogs chasing deer with an owner shouting for him, dogs playing instruments and even tree climbing dogs, but this was a first for me. A dog balancing on a chain!

I’m predicting this video will be the next dog youtube hit, the last was the talking dog (“..the maple kind?.. a ha..”) and FENTON! At the time of writing the video has just over 1000 views, wonder how many it will have in a week? View the balancing dog video...

Dec 26

Help avoid stiff joints in your dog this winter

My dog Molly is a German Shepherd/Collie cross and I hope she doesn`t mind me saying this, but she weighs 25kg (55lbs or 3st 13lbs) so she isn`t a hige dog, but big enough to have some weight on her joints.

Help avoid stiff joints in your dog this winter

I noticed a few winters ago that she was struggling to get up the stairs or jump onto the settee. After she had been laid down for a while she would be very stiff getting up, the problem was also much worse if earlier in the day we had been out for a marathon-esque jaunt in the fields and woods. I looked into a ‘joint aid’ type supplement for her but was a little surprised by the cost. Read more about preventing stiff joints in your dog

Nov 15

Christmas presents for dogs and dog owners

Dogs love Christmas, mine even try to unwrap my Christmas presents for me. Their faces light up as they tug away at the wrapping paper. We have scoured the web to find ideal Christmas presents for dogs and dog owners.

Christmas presents for dogs and dog owners

Shelves are being filled with Christmas goodies, pet stores and pet aisles in supermarkets are no exception with dog stockings, squeeky Christmas crackers and even dog advent calendars. Most dogs are easy to buy for, mine like food obviously so I go for those stockings with the mesh on the outside as it takes them a good few minutes to break into each one. Gift wise, a soft rope toy always goes down well as does the ensuing game of tug.

Dog owners are a little harder to buy for, here are some great presents to buy dog owners as well as interesting things we found for dogs themselves. More on Christmas presents for dogs and dog owners...

Nov 11

Where’s Molly 111111

We were enjoying a great walk in the woods but Molly disappeared. She blends into the leaves rather well, where did she go?

Autumn is a great time of year, Molly loves walking in the leaves, the only problem is that she blends in very well. Can you find her in the picture?
Find my dog Molly in the picture in the woods

Nov 09

Why isn`t quality dog food easily accessible?

I want my dogs to be healthy and around for a long time so I make sure I give them plenty of exercise and feed them good quality dog food. The problem is, it is a chore to buy a good quality dog food.

Why isn`t quality dog food easily accessible?

Even the specialist dog food/products stores are now stocking mostly the big name brands, which unfortunately have very little meat/vegetables/quality source protein and are stacked with fillers. Looking at the ingredients, a typical big brand dog food such as Pedigree, Butchers, Supermarket home brands etc are 4% meat and animal derivatives and 90+% ash or other random ingredient. Read more on quality dog food

Oct 26

Prepare your dog for fireworks

The start of November can be a very stressful time for dogs and their owners especially when your dog has a fear of loud noises and bangs. What can you do to help your dog (and you) at this time of year?

Prepare your dog for fireworks

With enough forward planning it is possible to desensitise your dog to fireworks, but lets face it bonfire night creeps up so quickly it is here before we know it. This post lists some ways to train your dog to not be worried by fireworks but also gives some last minute advice. Tips to prepare your dog for fireworks

Sep 16

Mystery dog illness in Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk

A mystery dog illness that took the lives of dogs in 2009 and 2010 is claiming more lives this year. The strange illness seems to be affecting dogs in Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk walking in wooded areas.

Mystery dog illness in Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) has launched an investigation into the illness and are asking for dog owners in those regions (and beyond) to take their dogs to a vet if they seem unwell and to provide the AHT with as much information as possible to help narrow down the source of the illness. More on the dog illness and the signs to look out for...

Sep 10

Where’s Molly 110910

Don’t you just love this time of year for dog walks? You dress according to the weather then at the furthest part of the walk from home the weather changes. The skies started off dark grey and full of rain so off we went with our coats then the clouds cleared and the sun came out. Can you find Molly in the picture? Bonus points if you know where we are. It is a little overgrown these days but not long ago it was a very popular tourist attraction.
Read more…

Aug 25

Dog insurance policies – what to look out for

Dog insurance works in the same way as most other forms of insurance. For a premium each month (or annually) you should be covered for veterinery bills up to a certain value to save you big bills. But not all dog insurance policies are the same, infact each are very different.

Dog insurance policies – what to look out for

Your dog insurance policy should provide peace of mind, should you dog fall ill or become injured your insurance policy should take away the worry of paying for treatment. Insurance companies have changed their policies so much in recent years adding on little extras such as third party claims, advertising help if your dog goes missing etc making dog insurance quite complicated to buy. Here is a handy little guide on how to decipher a dog insurance policy and what to look out for. More on dog insurance policies